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2022-23 Year-Round Homeschooling Calendar

Homeschooling year-round comes with benefits you can’t get using a traditional school year calendar. Download our free 2022-23 year-round homeschooling calendar to try out your year-round homeschool journey.

10 Major Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning has erupted in recent years. Although COVID-19 has played a role for some families in their decision to homeschool, it’s the clear benefits that have led many parents and students to continue learning online. Check out these 10 major benefits of online learning for both students and parents!

9 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

Determining whether or not your child is ready for kindergarten is a big decision. In fact, putting a child in kindergarten or beginning homeschooling too early can be like running on a treadmill that’s set too fast. Yet, how can you know if your child is ready to make the leap into formal education?

How Handwriting Helps Kids Learn How to Read

In a world where children are exposed to keyboards at a young age, the importance of handwriting has too quickly been forgotten, and that has negatively impacted how kids are learning language and literacy.

4 Things Your Teen Wants from You As Parents

To help make your life a little easier (and perhaps even slow your aging process), Lisa Damour, a psychologist and New York Times bestselling author, recently offered these four reminders of what the average teenager wants from you as a parent.

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