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Autumn Break Bucket List

Fall means chillier days, warmer clothing, and pumpkin everything. To make the most of this wonderful season, check off every one of the activities on this list as a family to make it your most memorable autumn yet!

How Calvert Is as an Accessible Online Curriculum for All Students

Many students enjoy and excel with computer-based learning like Calvert. An online curriculum for grades 3-12, Calvert offers an enriching, personalized experience that inspires and challenges all students to reach their full potential. Check out these three ways Calvert excels as an accessible online curriculum for all students!

10 Homeschooling Hacks

Make the most of your homeschooling days and your special time together with Calvert’s homeschool hacks to keep learning fun and stress free.

10 Simple Homeschool Resolutions for Any Time of Year

While resolutions are most often associated with the flip of the calendar to January 1, homeschool resolutions can be made any time of the year. Try incorporating these 10 simple homeschool resolutions from Big Family Blessings blogger Amanda McDowell into your homeschool this year.

8 Homeschooling Methods Infographic

Because there is no right or wrong way to homeschool, new homeschoolers often have a difficult decision to make as they figure out which homeschooling method is the best approach for their family. Explore Calvert’s infographic on the pros and cons of 8 popular homeschooling methods to determine which method is best for your homeschool family.

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