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Calvert’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses provide students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge, and training necessary to succeed in future careers and become lifelong learners.

Now featuring over 55 options, Calvert career courses can help your children discover their future, one elective a time. Add one of these 10 CTE courses to your Calvert Online subscription for just $9.95/month.

Agribusiness Systems

This course introduces the business, management, marketing, and financial skills needed to successfully produce food, fiber, and fuel for domestic and global markets.

Career Explorations I

Five units in this course give 7th and 8th grades students an opportunity to explore career management, as well as careers in health sciences, hospitality and tourism systems, human services, and consumer services.

Engineering & Design

In this high school career course, students are introduced to the engineering design process to build new products and to the reverse engineering process, which enables engineers to adjust any existing product.


This one-semester elective is the overview of modern-day forensic science careers at work using science concepts to collect and analyze evidence and link evidence to the crime and suspects to present admissible evidence in courts of law.

Introduction to Information Technology

High school students are introduced to the knowledge-base and technical skills that help them successfully compete for jobs within the information technology career cluster.

Introduction to STEM

Students explore some of the great discoveries and innovations in STEM and review and analyze some of the world’s problems that exist today.

New Applications

This high school elective introduces students to the rapidly evolving world of apps or applications. Then, through a step-by-step introduction to WordPress, students gain the tools and insight necessary to create their own web pages and discover their online voice.


This career course provides students opportunities to compare and contrast the various academic and clinical training pathways to an entry-level position in nursing.


Empower students in grades 3-8 to learn coding in a fun and engaging way with the Robotify supplemental learning program. The project-based learning teaches students to code using Blockly for grades 3-5 and Python for grades 6–8.

Small Business Entrepreneurship

Calvert Small Business Entrepreneurship is a semester-long course that provides students with the skills needed to effectively organize, develop, create, and manage their own business, while exposing them to the challenges, problems, and issues faced by entrepreneurs.

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