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For many kids, summer camps provide memorable moments of childhood. Even if your child can’t attend a camp in person in summer, here are 7 ideas for at-home summer camps that can help make this summer one that won’t be forgotten.

Crafternoon Art Camp

While you could try your hand at a larger art project like creating paper mache, art camp doesn’t need to have an elaborate plan.

Science Camp

Indulge your child’s interest in robotics or computer programming for a week or try experiments from lab kits you may not have had time for during the homeschool year.

Game Week

From card games to board games, dedicate time each night for a week to spend time playing together as a family. Try to learn at least one new game or extend game week until you’ve dusted off every game sitting in your closet.

Recreation Camp

While team sports like basketball, volleyball, and soccer often get a lot of attention, don’t forget to play other classics like capture the flag, balloon games, Frisbee, tag, relays, hula hoop challenges, and more.

Outdoor Camp

The goal here is to simply get outside. Outdoor camp can be as simple as running through the sprinkler, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, or spending the night in a tent in the backyard. However, there’s also a whole big world out there beyond your property. Is there a state park nearby that you haven’t explored?

Cooking Camp

Gather your little chefs for some kitchen fun, tasty treats, and lifelong practical skills. Teach your kids a family favorite dinner recipe or try your hand at some homemade bread. Don’t forget the dessert!

Reading Week

For some kids, this one might not have the glamour of some other ideas, but you never know when your child is one book away from finding a new passion. Try implementing 30-minute reading blocks after breakfast and before bed. Also, take time each day to read to your kids.

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