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A high school transcript is your child’s first resume, and like a good resume, a quality transcript is one of the best ways to help students get into the college or university of their choice. Although you want to start with meeting the basic course requirements, consider taking your high school education to the next level with these top Calvert electives that impress colleges and prepare you for success in college and beyond.

Spanish III

Speaking more than one language can instantly move your resume to the top of a list of job applicants. While many colleges require at least two years of study in the same foreign language, some prefer more.

Art History

An elective in the arts often reveals that you possess a wide array of interests. Research also indicates that students who participate in the arts often do better in school and on standardized tests.

Essentials of Communication

Additional English credits can help improve your writing, communication skills, reading comprehension, and vocabulary, all important skills in college.

Fundamentals of Computer Systems

Career courses can help you further explore your interests, narrow your college focus, or even discover a new passion.


A challenging course like Psychology shows colleges that you don’t shy away from hard work.

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